Are You Ready To Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Kickstart Your Weight Loss 
(Without Starving Yourself?)

Join Jordan LeVeck for The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge That Starts May 2nd

Watch this video and read below on how you can join the challenge...

What is The Lean 30 
Fat Loss Challenge?

This online challenge is designed for you to kickstart your fat burning and weight loss over the next 30 days. And it starts on May 2nd, 2022. 

Here is what you get with the challenge:

  An online community where you will find uplifting members who are on the journey by your side and cheering you on. It’s also packed with nutritionists and health coaches who will give you a customized plan to follow.

  You’ll get our 30 Day Healthy Recipe Plan to follow easily so you won't have to stress over what to eat - this will be provided in the group!

  You’ll get your Eating Out Guide so no guesswork needed if you are not at home or unsure of what’s healthy and what’s not when you are at restaurants.

  You’ll get access to 15 Easy to follow workout videos to use during the challenge that will give you the best results with the least amount of time needed. These will be posted for you to follow in the community.

  Daily Giveaways inside our community to celebrate and award YOU!

  You get ME, your fat loss bestie, Jordan LeVeck, a nutritionist and personal trainer who will be there to cheer you on one on one during the challenge and answer your questions as you reach out.

  ANNNDDD... I’m throwing in a FREE fat loss guide, cause I LOVE you.

So, How Do I Get Access To All Of This?

Great Question: How do you get access to ALL of THIS?

The total value of The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge is well over $1,900 with the recipes, workouts, coaches, community...

But You Get ALL Of This Just By Investing In The Lean Body System for $142.49.
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When you purchase my favorite supplementation system, The Lean Body System, you get a FREE spot inside The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge.

Yes, I said FREE!!

The Lean Body System includes one bottle of each of my most loved supplements, you get over $1,900 in FREE bonuses.

Here's what's included in The Lean Body System:

- Won most effective weight loss supplement of the year
- Liquid Collagen ingredient has won 25 industry awards
- Helps with hair, skin, nails (reversing aging + skin elasticity)
- Helps with joint mobility & discomfort, digestion + inflammation
- Clinical dose of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) which is scientifically proven to metabolize stubborn fat faster when in a calorie deficit
- Tastes like chocolate brownie batter
- Just one delicious tablespoon in the morning

  Activate: The activate is a detox you mix in your water before bed the first three nights. It eliminates toxins and helps balance your gut bacteria, which helps with thyroid + metabolism function. 

  Burn: The burn is a pill you take every day up to 3 times a day with each meal. It speeds your metabolism up and burns calories faster! It has green tea extract and gives you clean energy, and helps balance blood sugar which helps with cravings/appetite.

  You'll also get free access to The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge, the online community, the online coaching, a plan to follow, workouts, and amazing healthy recipes ALL INCLUDED.

So, Here's What You Do Next:

Step One: Click This Green Button and purchase The Lean Body System.

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Step Two: Once you place your order, text just the word "IN" to 517-295-1242. 

I will get you added for FREE to The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge & Facebook Community
and grant you access to all the FREE bonuses.

I'm excited for you.

 Let's do this my friend. It's your time. 

It's time to get LEAN, get more energy, come alive, shed those extra pounds and start your weight loss journey so you can feel your best and show up as your best for those around you.

As you know, I’ve been there. I was in a really low place for a really long time carrying around extra weight that weighed me down in so many ways: I was tired, I was sad and I just wanted to live life with joy. I wanted more.

So I just don’t allow my friends to stay in a place that they don’t love.

So, if you want to elevate from where you currently are, get in amazing shape, feel better, and show up better, we will do this together. And 30 days will jumpstart you to a new level that will blow your freaking mind.

Here are some actual humans I am friends with showcasing their results.
You'll meet them inside the group.

The transformations short and long-term are always absolutely awe-inspiring.

I’m so excited to have you join the community, jumpstart and see insane results!

After you purchase the Lean Body System, text just the word "IN" to 517-295-1242! I will get you added to The Lean 30 Fat Loss Challenge Facebook Community and give you ALL your bonuses for free.

Love you!

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